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Are you a contractor working in the engineering sector? If so, then look no further for all your insurance needs. Life is much simpler when the proper protection comes in a single, affordable, easy to manage package — and that’s precisely what you get with Kingsbridge insurance.

We understand that your job may involve working with large budgets and in hazardous conditions, often using expensive equipment. That’s why you may need specialist contractor insurance.

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What is engineering contractor insurance?

Engineering contractor insurance is a package specifically tailored to meet the specific demands of civil and mechanical engineering contractors and professionals working in technical roles. The policy combines several forms of cover including professional indemnity, public liability and employers’ liability insurance, to protect contractors against many of the hazards they face while doing their job each day.

Our engineering cover may help you meet demands from the agencies or direct clients who pay your wages. What’s more, this can contribute towards compliance with your relevant industry bodies. Calculating risk is integral to your role as an engineer. Therefore, you will understand that allegations of negligence and contractual disputes are a possible threat to your livelihood.

What do Kingsbridge engineering contractor policies cover?

It’s vital to have comprehensive insurance cover as a contractor working on engineering projects. Here’s what our policies include:

Professional indemnity insurance

Up to £1 million on any single claim. It covers legal fees and compensation costs that may arise if you’re accused of making a mistake or providing inadequate service.

Public liability insurance

Up to £5 million for any single claim. It provides cover for damage to the property of a third party or injury to a person. It also covers legal fees if you must defend yourself against claims.

Employers’ liability insurance

Up to £10 million on any single claim. This covers your business against any legal and compensation expenses incurred if an employee becomes ill or sustains an injury as a result of working for you.  An employee can be a friend or family member supporting you with bookkeeping or admin support.

Directors’ and officers’ liability insurance

Up to £100,000 on any single claim and in the aggregate. Cover for compensation claims against company directors for alleged wrongful acts, such as breach of duty.

Occupational personal accident cover

This provides essential cover for loss of earnings if you suffer a temporary or permanent injury while working or travelling to and from work, and are unable to work as a result:

  • Up to £500 per week for a maximum of 52 weeks
  • £100,000 death benefit
  • £50,000 disability benefit

IR35 insurance and legal expenses cover

Kingsbridge IR35 Protect cover is a market-leading solution to a growing concern for any contractor who operates as a limited company: the risk of receiving an IR35 investigation from HMRC. Defence costs and potential penalties can be crippling. As such, this cover includes legal expenses cover relating to tax, NIC and PAYE investigations, plus a debt recovery service.

International cover

We also include international cover in our insurance package – perfect for engineering contractors working abroad. Although our standard package doesn’t include protection for the USA and Canada, this may be available on request. If you’d like to know more, please contact us. We can also provide additional cover for onshore and offshore work, manual and non-manual work, and working at height.

Which engineering professionals do we cover?

Our package covers a range of engineering professions, including:

  • Electrical engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Civil engineers
  • Structural engineers
  • Design engineers, including CAD
  • Setting out engineers

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Why engineering contractor insurance is so vital

If you are taking on a major engineering or construction project, managing large budgets and critical deadlines, you need the right insurance to protect your business from the risks of negligence, injury and legal expenses.

In addition, most agencies and end clients ask engineering contractors to hold insurance before tendering for a contract. Industry and regulatory bodies may also require insurance cover.


Why choose Kingsbridge?

  • We are specialist insurers for contractors, freelancers, and sole traders
  • Our comprehensive insurance package meets the exposures faced by contractors
  • A-rated insurers underwrite all our insurance policies
  • Kingsbridge offer a price promise, if you find cheaper cover elsewhere, we’ll beat it*
  • Flexible payment options are available
  • Immediate cover. You can get a quote or renew your policy in minutes and you’ll have access to all your important documents as soon as the purchasing process is complete

Why wait? You can get a quote in a matter of minutes right here on our site or by calling our dedicated client services team on 01242 808740.


Frequently asked questions

  • Does the law require engineering contractors to have insurance?
  • The only mandatory policy is employers’ liability insurance if you employ anyone, even on an occasional basis. However, our engineering contractor insurance policy offers additional protection, including professional indemnity and public liability cover. This is often essential for engineering contractors because end clients and regulators may require you to have them.


    Employer’s liability insurance also covers substitute workers if you have a substitution clause in your contract, where you can send a substitute professional to work in your place, if you are unwell and unable to work.

  • How much does engineering insurance cost?
  • The cost of engineering insurance will vary depending on the size and nature of your business, your contracts and risk levels. To find out, get a quote online in just 2 minutes.