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IT consultant, software developer, IT project manager, web developer, computer programmer… As a self-employed professional in the technology sector, you may be working under one or more of these job titles. They all have in common the need for specialist insurance cover, enabling you to trade with confidence. At Kingsbridge, we have the expertise and experience to keep IT contractors safe.

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What is IT contractors’ insurance?

IT contractors’ insurance is a specialist policy tailored to the risks of providing information technology services, products, and advice.

Our policy combines public liability, professional indemnity, employers’ liability, and other forms of insurance in one easy to manage, affordable package.

Why do IT contractors need specialist insurance?

IT contracts are often complex and don’t always go to plan. Therefore, anything from a system failure to a data breach could leave you vulnerable to legal action.

What’s more, you might need insurance to comply with contractual requirements, regulations, and industry bodies. Call Kingsbridge on 01242 808740 for more information.

What does IT contractors’ insurance cover?

Our standard contractors’ insurance includes all of the following in one affordable, easy-to-manage package:

Professional indemnity Insurance (£1 million – £5 million)

PI insurance for IT consultants is often a contractual oblhttps://www.kingsbridge.co.uk/professional_indemnity.htmligation and a necessary precaution against many occupational hazards. Also known as errors and omissions insurance (E&O), it protects you against claims for negligence, which could result from giving the wrong advice.

Such problems can never be ruled out, no matter the calibre of consultant. However, with the right professional indemnity insurance, you can practice your profession with freedom, knowing expert lawyers are paid for if necessary.

It also provides cover for loss of documents or data, breach of intellectual property, and defamation and libel. Furthermore, a professional indemnity insurance policy can be a positive indicator of being outside IR35, as it can help show you are a genuine business taking on financial risk.

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance (£100,000)

As a director of your limited company, you could find yourself held accountable if the business is ever accused of financial mismanagement, a health and safety failure, a breach of legislation, or breaking company law. In such cases, this policy covers the legal fees, which can be considerable.

Employers’ Liability Insurance (£10 million)

Employers’ liability insurance covers your employees in case of accident or injury at work. If your partner or spouse looks after your accounts or does clerical work for the business, or if you have a contract with a client that includes a substitution clause, employers’ liability insurance could be essential.

Public Liability Insurance (£1 million – £5 million)

Public liability insurance covers damage to third-party property and injury to third-party persons. It also covers any legal fees resulting from claims you defend. Public liability claims are typically very costly, so without this cover, you could find yourself severely out of pocket.

Our additional cover for IT professionals can also include:

IR35 Insurance and Legal Cover 

IR35 investigations are dangerous for any self-employed professional working with a specific client. HMRC may launch an IR35 enquiry if they deem this arrangement as permanent employment disguised as contracting.

Therefore, IR35 Protect cover from Kingsbridge exists to protect your business from the associated defence costs, taxes, interest, and penalties. Crucially, it extends the cover to whichever party HMRC pursues, including your end-client, recruitment agency, or your business.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Working in IT, we don’t need to explain what data breaches could mean for you and your clients. Kingsbridge cyber liability insurance gives you peace of mind in the event of a breach. It also ensures that you have a team of experienced professionals on hand to help if things ever go wrong. Cyber cover includes:

  • Business interruption costs (£20,000)
  • System and data rectification costs (£100,000)
  • Regulatory defence and penalties (£25,000)
  • Cyber extortion and ransom costs (£25,000)
  • Access to ReSecure, a dedicated 24-hour helpline and specialist cyber incident report service

International Cover

With the USA and Canada, subject to your individual circumstances.

Personal Accident Cover

Up to £500 per week for a maximum of 52 weeks plus additional benefits for permanent disablement and death.

Why choose Kingsbridge IT contractors’ insurance?

  • Specialist insurance cover – As specialist insurers of contractors and freelance workers, we understand what makes each industry different. Therefore, we have tailored our insurance policy package to meet the unique demands of IT contractors
  • Instant access – Policy documents are emailed to you immediately after purchase, so you can forward them straight to your agency or end-client. Then you can carry on working, safe in the knowledge that a compliant and comprehensive insurance policy is present
  • Price promise – We’re confident you won’t find better contractor insurance in the UK. In fact, we’re so sure that we’ve created the Kingsbridge price promise. If you find the same cover at a lower cost, we’ll beat it*
  • A rated – All Kingsbridge insurance policies are underwritten by A-rated insurers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I legally need insurance as a consultant?
  • Legally, you must have employers’ liability insurance if you have employees in any capacity. This includes people who work for you occasionally, such as a spouse or partner. However, our IT contractors’ insurance policy offers additional protection that could save you thousands of pounds.

  • Is professional indemnity insurance a legal requirement for IT contractors?
  • You aren’t legally obliged to have professional indemnity insurance as an IT consultant. However, many contracts insist on this and other types of cover, as do the relevant regulators and industry bodies. Above all, it is one of the professional credentials you need to convince employers you’re trustworthy.

  • How much does IT contractor insurance cost?
  • The price will vary depending on what you choose to cover. Things like the nature of the work you do, your businesses turnover and the level of cover you require will affect the cost of cover.